FY2023 Q3 Financial Results Briefing Q&A

Oricon Inc.

The following is a summary of question and answer during the financial results briefing held only on the Internet (Live streaming on Friday, February 2, 2024).

Q: Regarding the full-year forecast for FY2023, from a comparison of the Q1-Q3 operating profit and the full-year operating profit plan, the Q4 will probably require around 750 million yen, which is an unprecedented level of profit. May I ask about your strategy for achieving full-year profit plan? Thank you.

A: Thank you for your question. Currently, the Communication Business as a whole is on a recovery trend on a quarterly basis, as the Customer Satisfaction Research Business has turned to a recovery trend with an increase in the number of Trademark use contracts, and the number of sessions in the News & Media Business is increasing, and the unit price per session is on a recovery trend. There are still some uncertainties, so once we have a certain level of certainty, we would like to properly disclose information in a way that is as non-misleading as possible.




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